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Quality in-home care services provided by Exceptional Caregivers, and Live-in Caregivers and Private Nurses.

Live safely, comfortably and joyfully in your own home, for life.

Meet the Founder, Sophia Foster

Sophia Foster is a Certified Nurse Assistance. While growing up, she had to accompany her grandmother to church where she would volunteer at homes to care for the elderly and persons with disabilities. The church family would cook, clean, do laundry (by hand), bathe and groom these persons. The love for patient care developed from these voluntary services and soon she found herself caring even more for people especially the elderly or persons with disabilities. 

Sophia takes pride in what she does and believes that only the best is good enough whether it’s for work or business. It is a joy for her to listen to her clients reminisce about their life and she would note of their changing lifestyle as this helps in a great way to plan for the care everyone requires. 


The Caregivers she employs are very important as well and she listens to their opinions about the clients changes in health and their needs which help to plan and provide the care for the clients. 

Sophia is a proud mother of one son Alistair and one grandson Axel-Roman. 

She is guided by the philosophy by Maya Angelou that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. 

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